Sogaris: societal responsibility at the heart of development

Sogaris is a mixed-ownership company which capital is held up to 80% by local authorities (Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis) and up to 20% by private actors (among which the Deposit and Consignment Office which holds 17.7% of the capital). Bearing a dual public/private identity, Sogaris implements long-term innovative projects which place societal responsibility at the heart of development stakes: diversity of urban functions, pollution abatement, respect of the quality of life and employment growth.

Today, Sogaris assists the development of Greater Paris. Its expertise: integrating logistic sites at the heart of the city. Sogaris builds and manages innovative logistic building paired with innovative multimodal logistic exploitation systems which improve delivery efficiency on the last kilometre. With the strengthening of anti-pollution regulation, it is a crucial strategy to reduce urban logistic ecological footprint and convert urban logistic into an authentic service for inhabitants.

Sogaris, a leader of Greater Paris urban logistics

Drawing on €16.2 million capital and €200 million owner’s equity, Sogaris is ready to rise up to the urban logistics challenge to make environmental and economic requirements compatible.

To do so, Sogaris and public authorities are reviewing every single logistic development opportunity by looking for synergies between logistics, services industries, housing, employment, non industrial services, industry, etc.

A model of urban logistics

Sogaris Group’s aim is to equip Greater Paris with a three-level innovative, competitive and eco-friendly logistic network.

Our Strategy

While resting on a dynamic body of shareholders, Sogaris joins actors’ pools which it turns into subsidiary companies in order to place urban logistics at the heart of real estate development. The group looks for and supports complementary actions with major actors of Greater Paris.

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