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Specializing in designing, implementing and managing logistic sites and building, Sogaris Group also offers logistic services. For all its missions, Sogaris intends to better include logistics in the city, to reduce environmental footprint and to answer both professionals’ needs – carriers, loaders, logisticians – and local authorities and citizens’ requirements.

A company oriented towards urban logistics

Founded in 1960 in the framework of the Ile-de-France county development plan, the Society of Rungis Road Terminal (Société de la Gare Routière de Rungis – SOGARIS) was assigned with the mission of creating a gateway for goods at the South of Paris. It aimed at unclogging the road network and limiting noise pollution at the heart of the capital.



The values guiding Sogaris lean on a strong environmental commitment at the service of a green economic development solicitous over a perfect territorial inclusion. Bearing a dual public/private identity, Sogaris carries long-term innovating projects which make societal responsibility one of the main stakes: diversity of city functions, pollution abatement, respect of quality of life and development of work opportunities.

Combining economic efficiency and sustainable development

Authentic urban developer, Sogaris now supports all transformations for the Greater Paris area.

Its expertise: integrating logistic sites at the heart of the city. Sogaris builds and handles innovative logistic buildings coupled with multimodal and reliable logistic exploitation systems which improve the last kilometre delivery efficiency. With the strengthening of pollution abatement regulations, it is one of the essential strategies to reduce city ecological footprint and make a real service of it for citizens.


Historically assimilated to pollution and pollutants, logistics is bound to change. Sogaris defends a global and innovating vision of territory planning and development through its sites. Environmental quality, economic efficiency, city prospective: combining these three elements allows perpetuating activity and attractiveness of its platform.

Environmental Performance ISO 14001

Sogaris is in compliance with the ISO 14001 norm for its Rungis site

Download the environmental policy

By carrying on compliance with the ISO 14001 norm for its Rungis site Sogaris has confirmed its commitment to carry out its activities as real estate manager and logistic service provider with the utmost respect for the environment and in continuous improvement process.

Respect of the environment

Sogaris has adopted a very voluntarist policy regarding the respect of the environment and sustainable development:

  • Choosing multimodal sites making it easier to use diversified means of transport;
  • Integrating means of transport through clean-road approach: electric vehicles, NGV stations, etc.;
  • Choosing sites close to big conurbations to reduce delivery vehicles’ route and be involved in CO2 reduction;
  • Creating intra-city sites to allow using clean vehicles thanks to short distances;
  • Improving servicing for tramway users and employees, Autolib, loading stations for electric vehicles, etc.;
  • Continuous improvement of the energy performance of its buildings;
  • Harnessing and management of rain waters;
  • Designing buildings equipped with measuring, controlling and time release devices to achieve sustainable management of gas, electricity and drinkable water needs;
  • Using renewable energy;
  • Producing electricity;
  • Setting differentiated management of urban greens to increase green surface areas by reducing waterproof surface areas.
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Social Commitment RSE 26 000

Sogaris has been supporting Emmaus Défi for several years by making logistic surface areas available to the association free of charges on its Roissy platform.