The group’s capital is divided as follows :

City of Paris* (among which 34.3% by way of the Interdepartmental Syndicate)
Hauts-de-Seine* (among which 10.2% by way of the Interdepartmental Syndicate)
Seine-Saint-Denis* (among which 6% by way of the Interdepartmental Syndicate)
Val-de-Marne* (among which 5% by way of the Interdepartmental Syndicate)
Deposit and Consignment Office*

Administrative Board Members

Representing the Interdepartmental Syndicate:

  • Mr Jérôme COUMET – Member
  • Mrs Edith GALLOIS – Member
  • Mr Éric LEJOINDRE – Member
  • Mr Didier LE RESTE – Member
  • Mr Georges SIFFREDI – Member

Mr Jean-Bernard BROS – President
Representing Paris Country


Mrs Véronique BERGEROL – Member
Representing the des Hauts-de-Seine Country

Mrs Pascale LABBE – Member
Representing the Seine-Saint-Denis Country

Mr Pascal SAVOLDELLI – Member, Vice-president
Representing the Val-de-Marne Country

Mrs Marianne LOURADOUR et Mr Bertrand PARDIJON – Members
  Representing the Deposit and Consignments Office


  • Mr Guillaume CHICHE – Head of Institutional Relations
  • Mrs Nathalie COLLA – Head of Communication
  • Mr Cyril DUPUY – Head of Logistics Operations
  • Mr Romain LOISY – Sales Manager
  • Mrs Honorine FANELLI – Technical and Safety Director (interim)
  • Mr Christophe RIPERT – Real Estate Director
  • Mr Jonathan SEBBANE – Managing Director
  • Mr Guillaume VERCOUSTRE – Finance and Computing Director