Our jobs

Development and Engineering

Sogaris’ development for the Greater Paris area

Convinced that the preservation of a diversified urban fabric at the heart of the conurbation is fundamental to the functioning and durability of the metropolis, Sogaris is providing operational answers to the Greater Paris territories.

Sogaris’ development for the urban logistics sector

Sogaris focuses its development on urban logistics by maintaining and repositioning real estate surfaces suitable for professional carriers, logisticians and loaders for the Greater Paris area. This approach also takes into account urban logistics as a land planning tool hence contributing to economic attractiveness and improvement of inhabitants’ quality of life.

Contracting Authority and Building

Sogaris as a contracting authority

Sogaris is now equipped with a Directorate for Building Projects in charge of seeing through the development operations initiated by the Group. It ensures project management support and manages projects from feasibility studies to completion. In order to carry out its mission, it mobilizes all internal skills – ICPE administrator (Classified Facilities for the Protection of the Environment), security administrator, legal and environmental experts – but it also calls on external services – architects, BET (Office for Technical Studies), structure, fluids, roads and services, environmental certification, landscapers, rail experts, etc.

Sogaris is a long-term actor whose priority strategy is to manage the buildings it has built. Setting and following-up of services shared by different sites – such as safety, road maintenance, shared networks and green areas – are ensured by technical direction and safety teams from Sogaris Group.


Each year Sogaris sales team supports around forty companies (mainly logistic or loading ones) to set up on logistic platforms which represent roughly 100,000 m2 of rented surfaces on a yearly-basis out of the existing 545,000 m2 in 2016 to which will sum up 70,000 m2 by the end of 2017.

Its role is to offer a global sales strategy for unoccupied or in development-process facilities – rent level, commercialization mandate, identifying new prospects, added value services, etc. – while seeing to the evolution of clients’ needs and expectations.

Customer Management and Relations

The management department is in charge of rent billing, cost reissuing and tax rebilling in agreement with leases.

It is the preferred intermediary for all information dealing with rent indexing and updating guarantees required by the lessor.

It also has audits conducted on building tax status on a regular basis and works closely with the technical and safety department in order to offer the right cost/service balance.