Our Strategy

Urban logistics: a key function of the Greater Paris

Logistics meant for companies is changing. Introducing goods in an urban environment to a lesser cost is now a necessity. As for public actors, they increase their demands regarding territory development, air quality and quality of life. Sogaris is aware of it and builds its development on these stimulating constraints.

The goal is to reduce the distance covered by favouring mass delivery of goods through alternative means of transport (other than road) with emphasis on the use of clean vehicles. Our strategy resides in building a logistic site network on 3 levels :


Large platforms at the entrance of conurbations

On the city’s logistic zone scale, the platform plays the part of a gateway for the whole conurbation and helps linking long-distance goods flows and urban flows.


Logistics hotels at the boundary of the most densely packed area in the city

In keeping with its location in the most densely packed area of the city, this concept is based on bringing together a mix of logistics, non industrial and service activities in order to share the investment costs and reintroduce logistics into the heart of cities. 


Proximity logistics on the local neighbourhood scale

On the neighbourhood scale, supplying urban spaces favour goods distribution in neighbourhoods thanks to clean vehicles.

Agence Chronopost Paris Beaugrenelle. Interieur du site, quartier du centre Beaugrenelle, Paris, 15eme arrondissement Tapis roulant, convoyeur, mecanisation Logistique, employes Chronopost au travail, gestion des colis et paquets