Sogaris: reputed positioning

Sogaris group is a private company with capital in public ownership. Its body of shareholders comprises Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne and Seine-Saint-Denis counties for 80% and the Deposit and Consignment Office for more than 17%. A land company specialized in logistics of the last kilometres, Sogaris purchases property so as to put together optimized goods flows compatible with environmental requirements. Thanks to its activity which has been increasing for 50 years, Sogaris Group boasts a growing 545,000 m2 estate.

Sogaris acts as an authentic urban developer. The Group incorporates and guides new logistic uses (especially those linked to e-commerce) by offering innovative, multimodal and multi-connected combined estate structures.

Sogaris also plays the part of a pioneer in the logistic field by conceiving smart buildings, promoting the emergence of new jobs and revisiting goods means of transport.

Logistic innovation at the service of Greater Paris

One of the leading actors in Grand Paris urban logistics, Sogaris manages 300,000 m2 assets divided between 5 sites in Ile-de-France: Chapelle International (Paris 18th district), Beaugrenelle (Paris 15th district), Rungis, Créteil and Roissy. The Group aims at multiplying its presence on the metropolitan territory and at making urban logistics into a service integrated to planning, housing or conversion programs.

With many awarded achievements – SITL 2013 Innovation Award in the “Logistic Facility or Site” category, Grand Prix SIMI 2013 in the “Logistic Building” category and Grand Prix SIMI 2015 in the “Logistic Building” category for Créteil Building 3) – Sogaris aims at providing Greater Paris with an authentic network of urban logistics sites. Today, Sogaris is acknowledged as one of the leading actors in urban logistics R&D thanks to its innovative real estate achievements and the support it brings to start-ups in this field.

Sogaris: developer of Greater Paris

Leading urban developer, Sogaris supports Greater Paris building by producing an ambitious logistic model combining sustainable development, economic and transport stakes.

Signatory of the charter in favour of sustainable urban logistic from the City of Paris, the Group is also involved in projects such as transport development on canals, the urban logistic orientation scheme or the development of multimodal logistic hotels.

Sogaris’ deployment on the metropolitan territory presents a dual opportunity for its partners: on the one hand, the space developed by the Group will provide as much commercialised space in areas we know are under constraint; on the other hand, Sogaris’ projects open the scope of possibilities to logistic actors who had been relegated outside urban centres so far.

A model of urban logistics

Sogaris Group’s aim is to equip Greater Paris with a three-level innovative, competitive and eco-friendly logistic network.

Our Strategy

While resting on a dynamic body of shareholders, Sogaris joins actors’ pools which it turns into subsidiary companies in order to place urban logistics at the heart of real estate development. The group looks for and supports complementary actions with major actors of Greater Paris.

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