Private Sector

Sogaris, an actor of the logistic market

Sogaris, a company which has experienced continuous development since its creation, clears an average €45 million turnover – €46.5 millions in 2015 – and boasts 545,000 m2 assets in warehouses, transit docks and offices. Located on 9 sites – Rungis, Roissy, Créteil, Beaugrenelle in Paris 15th district, Lyon, Marseille, Bayonne, Rouen, Luxembourg – Sogaris markets the 54 buildings it owns to some 180 clients.

Bearing a dual public/private identity, Sogaris implements long-term innovative complex projects which place societal responsibility at the heart of development stakes: diversity of urban functions, reintroduction of urban logistics, employment growth, pollution abatement, etc. Its values are supported by a strong environmental commitment at the service of a responsible economic development solicitous over a perfect territorial inclusion. A requirement which today allows Sogaris to redevelop its logistic activities in the most densely packed urban areas.

What is Sogaris ambition? Becoming the urban logistic leader for the Greater Paris area. To do so, the group has undertaken the dividing into two of its surface areas within Greater Paris conurbation with a total target development amounting to 700,000 m2 urban logistic surface areas – including 95% on the area of Greater Paris). It represents an unprecedented €500 million total investment over ten years.

Combining economic efficiency and sustainable development


Expert in logistic sites references, the Group builds and manages upgradeable and modular buildings meeting its partners’ needs while contributing to urban development. Coupled with efficient and innovative logistic exploitation systems, it improves the last kilometre delivery efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint of the activity hence contributing to improving the quality of air.

Sogaris uses all its expertise for urban logistics to boost the cost effectiveness of goods freight related activities while removing regular pollutants then allowing its acceptability by residents and policy-makers.

A model of urban logistics

Sogaris Group’s aim is to equip Greater Paris with a three-level innovative, competitive and eco-friendly logistic network.

Our Strategy

While resting on a dynamic body of shareholders, Sogaris joins actors’ pools which it turns into subsidiary companies in order to place urban logistics at the heart of real estate development. The group looks for and supports complementary actions with major actors of Greater Paris.


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